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His Giant Mistake
A Real Time Account of How My Husband's Infidelity Is Changing My Life
Fear the Great White Shark, Not the Good Guy!

Bad boys, like habits, are hard to break.  Signs that I once relied upon I now question.  But something tells me he's one of the Good Guys.

He’s Not Nice, And He Ain’t No Picasso. He’s Mr. Ellen DeGeneres.

There is nothing good about a nice guy. I'm too far along in my journey to be attracted to the bad boys. Games are for players. I'm ready to be good.      

Forget Your Currency, But Don

There's no currency at Burning Man, the festival in the desert where love is free. But there are lots of condoms. We need sex.  But do we need monogamy?

Mistresses: Class is in Session – 7 Truths About You

Sucks to be a mistress.  No matter how it's spun.  Cheating can never be justified, trust cannot be rebuilt, respect is not re-gifted after betrayal. 

Who Knows Best? I

It's a mystery why those who have affairs believe they know what's best for the betrayed spouse.  The Earth silenced their voices and helped me to hear mine.

I Am Totally Having Sex! Or So I Thought. Then The Earth Shook.

The need to feel safe so that I can trust again is paramount. But how can I trust another if I can't trust myself?

Get Out of The Comfort Zone and into The Magic Zone

It's time to go all Cowboy, stop fearing not being good enough and let it RIP loudly!  So says a coyote, a seal, a dozen spiders, a nun. And my Mom.

An Inconvenient Spouse Brutally Murdered, Changes My Life Forever

Any innocence I had left after divorce has evaporated. I don't fear a pedestrian relationship. I fear beginning the journey toward my raison d'être. 

To Divorce Court I Go, But Now I Have Balls

Just in time, I grew a pair of balls.  Maybe they'll help out when I have to go before a judge, but for sure they'll help out on my next date.

Nothing Says, STOP DOING THAT, Like a Subcutaneous Hematoma

Why I insist on working through the pain and holding on to the IDEA versus excepting the reality is a mystery I am committed to solving.  

STOP the Presses! No, Really, STOP!  I Need to SPEAK UP.

Mr. Perfect Timing is definitely slow when it comes to speaking his truth.  Who better to teach me the transformational power of speaking up?

How to Be Irresistible and Date Without Fear

I swore I would never do one of those Top Seven...blah, blah, blah lists.  But, I am having a wild time with the guys and have never felt so safe and appreciated.

On the Wings of Burdee, My Dreams Come True

She's been gone two weeks and is already working tirelessly to send signs that she's ever close and here to protect me as I take the biggest of leaps.

A Remarkable Mom and Role Model Has Died

Kittens, she loved you as if you were her own. Thank you for connecting with my Mom and for giving her the feeling that I am safe in your arms.


Resources, savings, information and
opportunities, developed just for you.

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