10 Fall Fashion Trends I Can't Live Without
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September 18, 2014

A few weeks ago, I went through my closet and purged. It wasn't easy but if I hadn't worn something in two years, it became a Goodwill donation. Four enormous trash bags later, I have lots of extra space to fill. So as not to get distracted when I hit the shops, I made a list of items that I can't live without. Here goes.

1. Skinny Jeans

 dm skinny jeans.png

I absolutely love skinny jeans and if they ever go out of style, I'll be wearing them anyway. They are so comfy, go well with any top, and I'm not sure there's a shoe that doesn't work well with them, from boots to flip-flops. You can find a pair to fit any budget, from $20-$200. I have some from Old Navy, Banana Republic and Nordstrom. Personally, my favorite pair are J Brand.

2. Boots

 DM boots2.png

I am obsessed with boots in all styles and colors. Besides summer, I wear them all year long. They are warm and stylish. I don't own a pair yet like the ones pictured here but I'm on a quest.

3. Necklace

dm necklace.png

Personally, I am not a fan of chunky necklaces simply because after a few hours, they make my neck ache. That said, a long simple necklace is one of my favorite accessories and I wear one almost every day. I've picked them up from Old Navy to The Loft to vintage shops. I have them draped on a cute hook in my bedroom so they never get tangled up and they're easy to find.

4. Leather Jacket

dm leather jacket.png

I own a black leather jacket that I wore endlessly last year. I plan to add a brown one soon.

5. Sixties Inspired Dress

 DM sixties dresses.jpg

I am in love with sixties styles. Over Labor Day weekend, I walked into Banana Republic and on the clearance rack was a great dress. It is loud and very mod sixties and cost just $25. I have already worn it several times with ballet flats. In colder temps, tights and boots will make a perfect outfit.

6. Black Pumps

 DM black pumps.jpg

Every wardrobe should have a pair of great black pumps. Peep toe are my favorite.

7. Camel Colored Shoes

 dm camel colored.jpg

I just bought a pair of camel colored shoes and I love them. They go with everything and are so effortlessly stylish. Shoes can make or break an outfit and with these, it's hard to screw it up.

8. Crisp White Shirt

dm white shirt.jpg

No wardrobe should be without the basic crisp white fitted shirt. I like the ones from Banana Republic because they are wrinkle resistant but I also purchased on at H&M for almost nothing. 

9. Cocktail Dress

DM cocktail dress2.jpg 

A cocktail dress you love is a perfect wardrobe essential. It's surprising how often I find excuses to pull mine out-- from a ballet, to a wedding, to a dinner party. I have two in black and one in orange that's really fun. The one pictured here is from White House Black Market.

10. Handbag

 DM orange bag.jpg

For me, a big colorful handbag is a necessity. I tend to wear black or neutrals far too often so adding a pop of color helps liven up my outfit. Kate Spade is my favorite brand and orange is one of my favorite colors. But I've also found far less expensive options at Ross, WalMart, Target and many other shops. 

I love the change in season. And with a few new items of clothing, it makes it even more fun, fresh and new. Let the cooler temps and beautiful fall colors begin!



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