25 Holiday Gift Ideas For The Divorced Mom
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November 26, 2014


I asked my single mom gal pals for a list of gifts they'd love to find under their tree this holiday season. After gathering their answers, it boiled down to these top 25 answers.

1. Dating site membership

Not every divorced mom is ready to start dating again, but if she is, a membership to a dating site is a fabulous idea.

2. Kid-sitting

Offer to watch her children for an evening or a day. Time without kids is the perfect gift.

3. House cleaning

What mom wouldn't love her home cleaned? If it fits your budget, hire a cleaning service. If you're looking to save money, consider doing it yourself.

4. A good book

If she's dating, consider getting her a book on relationships (my favorite is He's Just Not That Into You). I have also gifted books that I've enjoyed reading myself, travel guides, cookbooks, and coffee table books. With a little thought, you can't go wrong with this option.

5. Pedi/massage

A gift card for a massage or pedicure is a great way to help the frazzled mom relax. Better yet, go with her and enjoy a fun afternoon of bonding.

6. Yoga membership

Yoga is an incredible way to unwind from life's stresses. If there's a yoga study near her, consider purchasing a membership for her.

7. Bath kit

Put together a bath gift basket. Ideas to include are: Epsom salts, scented essential oils, slippers, a bathrobe, sugar scrub, lip balm and lotion.

8. Wax/facial gift card

Go to a spa or beauty college and get her a gift card for a wax and facial. This is a great pick-me-up for any girl.

9. Photo shoot (solo or with the kids)

A photo shoot, whether it be just for her or her plus the children, is a great idea. If you still have money in your budget, buy her a nice frame for her favorite photo.

10. Magazine subscription

Magazines are the gifts that keep giving all year long.

11. A pet

Before you go this route, make sure she's ready for a pet. But a cat or dog provides unconditional love, which may be just what her (and her children's) doctor ordered.

12. Fun random piece of furniture

If you know her home and taste, a fun side table, chair, or ottoman is a great idea. Shops like Ross and TJ Max have items like these at very reasonable prices, some under $25. Consider going with something colorful or whimsical, which can be a mood lifter.

13. Killer throw pillow

Look for a fun throw pillow for her bed or couch, something unique and eye catching.

14. Makeup organizer

My makeup table is a total disaster, as much as I try to keep it tidy. Walmart, Ross, and Target (among others) all have awesome organizers for cosmetics, hair pieces, and hair products.

15. Picture frames

Frames for family photos are always nice to have on hand.

16. Bed sheets

New, high quality bed sheets are always amazing, especially if she's in need of an emotional boost. Refreshing a bedroom is the most powerful place to heal and repair.

17. Microwavable heated slippers

In cooler temps, microwavable slippers are incredible.

18. Travel toiletry bag

If she likes to travel, a toiletry bag is a great gift idea. It makes packing up all the essentials, like toothpaste and makeup, so much easier.

19. Weekender bag

A cute bag to pack up items for a short vacation is a must for just about any mom. Prices range from $20 up to $300.

20. Beanie cap, scarf, glove combo

Find something colorful, fashionable and warm.

21. Leg warmers

I love leg warmers. Like, I'm obsessed with them. I purchased my first pair at Scheel's for $34. And then I found them at Ross for under $10. These are great holiday gift options for just about any girl on your holiday list, young or old(er).

22. Fill up her car with gas

This is such a thoughtful gift idea. Not only is it a money saver but a huge time saver. If you know her well enough, try sneaking her car off to the gas station and return it with a card on the driver's seat. If not, while the two of you are out and about, ask her to pull into a gas station, then get out of the car and fill it up for her. Surprise!

23. A cooked dinner

Most single moms are stressed for time and meals often include a trip to a fast food restaurant. One evening tell her that you're dropping off a hot home cooked meal for her and the kids. Trust me, she'll love you forever for it.

24. Cooking class

This is a very fun activity. Pick a class you know she'll love (like sushi making, cake decorating, or barbequing) and consider going with her.

25. Lanyard for keys

I can never find my keys in my handbag. I finally purchased a beautiful lanyard and oftentimes I wear my keys around my neck. When they're in my handbag, I can find them in a snap. Lanyards are available at most department stores, Walmart and Target, and specialty shops, and come in a variety of colors and styles. This is a unique and inexpensive gift option, with prices ranging from $5-$50.

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