Divorced Mom Success Story: Meet Kerrie. Her Guest Post On Health
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March 27, 2015

Fotolia_79554844_XS.jpgI love a good story about divorced moms moving forward in their lives in ways that they could not (or did not) do during their failing marriages. One such story is of my friend Kerrie. She was a stay at home wife and mom with three very young children. Her marriage was a tough one and they eventually split. All of a sudden, Kerrie found herself single, without a job, and wondering how she was going to support her family.

She enrolled in a local cosmetology school. That's how we met. At the time, I was completely bald, just having completed some very tough chemo treatments and two stem cell transplants to fight multiple myeloma. I was desperate to stimulate hair growth and I started going to a hair school near my home for scalp massages aimed at doing just that. I met Kelsey, who still does my hair today and is one of my favorite friends. My hair started growing back super curly and Kelsey, twice each week, would massage my scalp (yum!), and dry and flat iron my hair into submission. One of her fellow students was Kerrie. One day we started up a conversation, exchanged phone numbers, and started meeting up for coffee or lunch.

Kerrie graduated from school and decided she wanted to help others achieve health and wellness instead of doing hair. She had become passionate about alternative health methods in her quest to stay healthy, fight of illness, and heal emotionally. Today, she has her own office space and conducts wellness seminars. I'm so proud of her success.  

So recently I asked her to write a guest post about health. Here it is. Enjoy!

Prevention is key to optimal health: It starts with sleep, nutrition & exercise
By Kerrie Percey (with Joni Luke)

I don’t know about you, but if there is anything I do NOT have time for as a mom, it’s being sick. I know from personal experience that life doesn’t stop for us to recover, whether it be from illness, stress, or emotional trauma. We may feel fatigue, depression, and more but life continues and expectations and responsibilities never end. So many of us moms, especially we have children at home that depend on us, we have additional things to think about, like homework, science projects, dance lessons, sports…the list goes on. And if you’re like me, none of those things are yours, they all belong to your kids.

But if we don’t find time to take care of our needs first, it makes recovery, health, healing and fighting disease that much harder.

So then what can we do to stay on our toes? Prevent.

What if our bodies were able to avoid being acidic – which only leads to being even susceptible to disease and illness? What if we were getting a restful sleep every night? What would it feel like to have more of the energy we need to accomplish the most important things on our list?

Even with cancer and other health ailments, our bodies want to be healthy. They have amazing abilities to correct the ailments within, if the core systems of our body are in a proper alignment. I don’t just mean bones, I mean all of the systems working together to build a strong and healthy body. An alkaline environment in the body helps it be capable of resisting diseases while still being able to produce the energy and clarity we need for day to day life.

One of the key ways that our bodies reach that alignment is through a healthy sleep. It’s scientifically proven that most adults do not get the amount of sleep our bodies need. It is also proven that, as a whole, women need more sleep than men.  If we are deprived of a nurturing, healthy sleep, our bodies will pay the price, no matter how badly they want to keep going.

Oftentimes we don’t get into the deep sleep we need because we’re not a comfortable temperature. One foot out, then back in. Blanket up by our shoulders, then down to our waist. A proper blanket, good linens, room temperature and lighting help immensely. Some report that blankets made with Far-Infrared technology that features ceramic-reflective fibers that absorb energy from sources like the room temperature and body heat. It then reflects that energy but only within the far-infrared range of the spectrum, giving you the comfort of finally being “just right.” Is this the answer to getting good sleep? Perhaps. I purchased one and I love it. It has literally changed my sleeping patterns for the better (without a pill!). It wasn't cheap but it's worth it a million times over.

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel when you’re outside, away from the congestion of highly populated areas? That’s because the earth has its own energy, one of which is negative ions, which are charged oxygen atoms or molecules. They are often found in high amounts in settings like forests and near waterfalls. That same energy is available in products that you can use indoors, making it like a natural environment within the walls of your home. Personally, I’m a big fan of such products and they’ve helped me feel better, more rested, and more able to take on life’s challenges. Fatigue, though I still experience it, has waned.

In my opinion, the best solution for our long term health is a natural one.  That doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in and use traditional medicine. I would never advocate that one forego traditional medicine. But complimenting that approach with natural options helps. Good nutrition, adequate rest, exercise. It’s an amazing starting point.

Kerrie Percey is a mom, wife, and wellness advocate and advisor. She is passionate about health, healing and living life to its fullest. She lives near Salt Lake City with her husband, three children and step-children. Kerrie can be found reached at kerrieleilani.com.

Joni Luke is a mom to five awesome children. She loves music, sports and public speaking, but also loves a good book when she has a few quiet moments to herself. She loves being around people, and enjoys the opportunity to help recognize and achieve the potential they have within. You can learn more about her story at www.nikken.com/naturalsolutions.

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