About Phoebe Quest

Hi, my name is Phoebe Quest. I am a divorced, middle-aged mom.

In a horrible misunderstanding (honestly, I have no memory of blowing up the house!), I lost custody of my children, who now live with their father, my ex-husband. To add insult to injury, my ex stopped paying alimony—you know, just because he felt like it—leaving me near penniless and forcing me to give up a home near the kids. In the blink of an eye, I lost everything dear to me.

To keep from losing my mind, I moved to a nearby beach town where I have a free place to stay. My plan is to open a ceramic studio and gallery so I can work on healing my life after some serious heartbreak and loss.

The thing is, the more I try to run from my pain, the past, ME (!), the more I realize I need to face who I am, what I am.  You see, in short, I’m a fairy. That’s right. A fairy. I only just found out, myself.

World order dictates that fairies exist “to fight the spreading darkness and bring love and light to Earth.” Quite frankly, I think world order should dictate that all divorced moms, fairy or not, get a free tropical vacation once a year and a monthly voucher to their favorite spa, NOT a mission to confront the demons in our midst. But I’m learning how to deal.

So, my real job is to fight evil. Just in case you’re wondering, the bad guys don’t go running the minute the fairies show up. And I have no idea how I can spread love and light when it seems that all the love and light in my world has disappeared.

This is my story.

(Character drawing by Olivia Russell)

This is a mostly fictional story of a divorced mom.


Character Directory

Balthasar—one of the little fairies.

Briggs—Phoebe’s oldest child. A son.

Chelsea—Phoebe’s middle child.

Chip—Phoebe’s divorce attorney.

Cindy—The wife of a murdered man.

Claudius (Uncle Claudius)—Phoebe’s guardian (her parents died when she was young).

Clementine—one of the little fairies.

Cooper—Phoebe’s friend. He owns a hardware store.

Dennis—Phoebe’s ex-husband.

Dixie Special—a murder victim.

Eileen—Phoebe’s house benefactor.

Ernesto—Ernesto was hired by Eileen, Phoebe’s house benefactor. He’s an alien. Like from “up there” kind of alien.

Errol—Animal Control in Wrightsville Beach.

Fred—Animal Control in Wrightsville Beach.

Glade—One of the little fairies.

Gus—the leader of the little fairies.

Hilton—the brother of Chip, Phoebe’s attorney.

Irving—One of Phoebe’s guardian angels.

Julian—Phoebe’s love interest.

Karen--The Other Woman. The neighbor and friend of Phoebe who had an affair with Phoebe's husband and who lives with him.

Liliana--Phoebe's great-great grandmother, who was a very powerful and legendary fairy who went dark

Lucy—Phoebe’s friend. She owns a bookstore.

Maude—One of Phoebe’s guardian angels.

Mrs. McGillicutty—Phoebe’s nanny when she was a child

Pearl—Phoebe’s youngest child.

Phoebe Quest—A divorced mom who has hit rock bottom in a messy divorce and who is slowly rebuilding her life in a new location after her ex takes custody of her children. Added to her struggle is coming to grips with the news that she is, indeed, a fairy and, as such, has some sort of mission to help the world.

Sheila Gantree—Phoebe’s business landlord. Sheila is also mayor.

Thor—an angry fairy from a faction called The Extremists—he runs a surf shop.

Uncle Claudius—Phoebe’s guardian (her parents died when she was young).

White Rabbit—Phoebe’s annoying conscience.