About rock. paper. separate.

Rock Paper Separate

Follow Kate Mae on her journey through separation after marriage.

She has three kids, and an ex. Who lives with her, in the basement, on the spare bed.

Kate wasn’t about to give up the master bedroom, and king size bed. Oh no friends.

Plus he seems happy down there. And all she ever wanted was for him to be happy.

Kate and her Ex are trying their best to re-create their definition of family. They may no longer be a couple, but they are parents and very good ones. They are best friends and hope to continue being so.

While the kids may or may not know what is going on, they’ll see that their parents love them enough to try keeping everyone under one roof. They figure since the shit ain’t so bad, and they still enjoy each others company, why not reinvent the divorce wheel.

Plus Kate is no dummy. She’s got a built in, good looking babysitter. So she can date.