The Ageism Battleground for Women: Madonna, Dignity Please?
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April 15, 2015

Apparently, Coachella, is a big deal... Prior to the Madonna gossip this week, hearing that name was like the many other rapid fire, trendy names that fill my head, that in all honesty, I have no clue what they mean, kind of like b+b cream, or bespoke

Singer Drake was apparently pretty grossed out when Madonna, shoved her tongue down his throat in an assault type french kiss of the unwelcome sort. WTF was she thinking? I know that she is Madonna and all, but there is seriously something to be said about self respect, aging gracefully, and understanding the difference between being aware and free sexually, and committing a physical assault on someone almost half her age. I find her public display somewhat desperate and crying for attention. I am sorry. I know she has legions of fans, but I have to ask myself today, if this was how she started out, would those loyal fans today have followed her faithfully, or would they have been somewhat disgusted, as I am today? Talented as she is, I blame her for Miley and her tongue. Strangely enough, Madonna is pretty shocked at the "public beating that she is taking" because of the event. 


Speechless? Hardly...  Money doesn't give you rights that no poor person has, and there is absolutely no rational reason to blame mistreatment because of age. Please never assume that because it is on the internet, it's true. 

Singer Rita Ora praises Madonna for fighting "ageist" battles, so younger singers don't have to fight them one day. Really? Madonna responded in kind with a gallant fight for the unjust against further discrimination. See the story and the Twitter exchange here. Is this an Ageist battle? Is this Ageism? Can we truly add her disbelief to the list of behaviors that consist of a pattern of discrimination against seniors? I call Bullshit on that. Maybe AARP would feel differently, though I think not. French kissing by assault is not listed as one of the benefits of membership.

So, in honor of those women who are not the idols of old, and although they make money that I will never see, I am spending the next six months before my 50th birthday, re-evaluating my perception of myself. In order to challenge the way others treat me, I need to do something that I have never done before - command respect. Somehow, I never saw myself worthy of demanding that respect, in relationships, in jobs, in friendships... sometimes it happens by accident, and I end up feeling surprise. Surprise, as if somehow I wasn't worthy of the respect of others. 

This command of this respect, along with maybe this leather backpack, will be my 50th birthday gift to myself. ( Unless I can convince my kids to get it for me for Mother's Day!) 

So, in pursuit of my goal I have started a list, which is a work in progress.

I have added swallowing to the list of things that I will not do any more. This is both a literal, and a figurative statement, i.e. meaning no more "swallowing nonsense" hook, line and sinker.  I have no desire, at this point in my life to do that which I see as demeaning or unworthy of my newly developing sense of self respect. 

Unlike Madonna's "ageist battle", which I refuse to "swallow, hook line and sinker", mine is a little more mundane. 

My goal is to see my new decade as a decade of freedom, soul searching, and pursuit of what I see as my own Ageist battle - the creation of my own peaceful and financially secure second half of my life.  

Maybe I will even try some of that BB cream.



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