The Roast Chicken
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November 08, 2014 - Updated December 12, 2014



Elegantly simple. Three ingredients.

Chicken, patted dry
Sea salt, generously applied &
Garlic. Powdered or fresh are both equally inspiring to the bird.

Season well, roast on 350 until the skin is crisp, and the juices run clear.

Remove from oven. Allow to cool on cutting board, and be prepared to have request for “tasters”.

In my family, the taster goes to the one who set the table or filled the dog bowls. It provides bragging rights to the one who can yell to the others “hahaha, I got the taster”.

While some meals yield official tasters, like anything beef going to my eldest son, the chicken inspires competition. Though my younger son has been promoted of late, as the steak taster, as his taste palate broadens, the eldest comes home to reclaim his prize and my tiny kitchen becomes the location and inspiration for many such battles. The official steak tester battle still to be fought and won.

Tonight, served with roast potatoes and cranberry sauce, and shared humor, it will be delicious :)

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