Clear Out Your Old Life and Get Ready for the New

One of the most important keys to moving on is getting rid of things that remind you or are symbols of your old life.

Raising Our Sons to Not Sexually Assault Women

Thanks to Donald Trump there is more awareness of sexual assault and the damage it does, we still need to take extraordinary measures to end it.

Divorce: There is Light at the End of the Tunnel

Yes indeed there is light at the end of the divorce tunnel. The key to getting to that light is you. Always keep the big picture in mind.

Mothers and Daughters: Why It Can Be Complicated

Mother and child relationships can be complex. It can be the greatest joy in life, and the source of stress and heartache.


When you find out your spouse or committed mate is cheating, be mad at him not the other woman. It takes two to tango and she doesn't matter.


Some people blame dating sites but a woman can meet a violent end even with her husband of 20 years she met in high school.

Size Does Matter, Stop Worrying About Little And Focus On Big

Stop being consumed by all the little things and just focus on the bigger picture at hand and life will become much easier.

Check Yourself, Maybe Your Spouse Wasn

On social media I see a whole lot of people blaming their ex for everything that went wrong in the marriage. I suggest you check yourself.

Trying to Get Over Your Ex? Stay Off Social Media!

If you are heartbroken or angry and having a hard time getting over your ex, for the love of God stay away from social media.

Throwing Out the Rule Book on Post-Divorce Dating...Now

I've followed strict rules for the last 14 years of my post-divorce life, I think now it's time to re-think them and throw that crap out the window.

Post-Divorce Dating Do

Guidelines for dating after divorce. For the love of God, please don't do certan things and screw up your chances or your life.

Divorced, Married, Single - There is Always Room For Loneliness

Everyone experiences loneliness in their life. Whether divorced, married, or single. It happens to the best of us. Some ideas on how to cope.

How Divorce Made Me Harder, Better, Stronger, Faster

Divorce can definitely make you a better person. You will be tested and have to go through tough times, but you will feel awesome having weathered it.

The Law of Attraction - Be Attractive, Damnit!

If you want something in your life you have to start surrounding yourself with people and places that can get you there.