About The Golden Repair

I am the divorced mother of two phenomenal kids, who are both taller than me, (rude,) smarter than me, (intolerable,) and generally delightful. I am also slave to a very handsome dog, indeed.

When my marriage of nearly fourteen years fell apart, I was shattered. My life was not what I’d believed it to be. That sort of realization causes a seismic shift to take place. It took some time to regain my footing, but once I did I found that I had lost the ability to fake it anymore.

After my divorce, I heard from so many people who thought my life was perfect. That’s the word they used- PERFECT. Now, I was pretty shocked by the demise of my marriage, but not nearly as shocked as I was at people’s perception of my life and relationship.

I was so undone, so devastated, that I stopped plastering a smile on my face, and telling pretty lies so that no one was uncomfortable.

I began writing and started a blog, In Others' Words.  It seemed every time I told the truth, every time I was vulnerable, someone would say, "Me too."  That led me to co-found Say It, Survivor, a non-profit dedicated to helping survivors of child sexual abuse reclaim their stories as part of the path to healing.

Here’s the thing about telling the truth about your flaws and broken places- it gives other people permission to do the same.

And THAT, friends? That’s when it gets GOOD. That’s when everything gets SO MUCH BETTER.