About This Cuckoo's Nest

I am a mid 40 ish mom of 3 little ones recently divorced. I am blogging ANONYMOUSLY. I am a psychotherapist and I do know better than to use bad language or slang. But I do. Mostly in jest, sometimes just to make a point. Don't be offended. Tight asses might need to find another nesting blog. I want this to be honest and a place for people to go who wonder if nesting is a viable option and how it really works.

My ex-husband and I rotate in and out of the marital home, so the kids don't have to.  We both pay in to a household (nest) account.  This children sleep in their own beds every night and are surrounded by their own belongings.  The dog has no idea that we got a divorce.

This custody arrangement is somewhat new and I recognize can only be used in special circumstances. I know there are many instances in which it won't work. For example, if your ex is immature, jerkish, a liar, bat shit crazy or just all around such a dumb ass that they must be avoided for your own sanity, then forget about it!