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February 10, 2016

I woke up this morning determined to blog and reconnect with my DM friends.  




I didn't mean to take a break, especially not an extended break, it just happened.

Christmas was busy as holidays are, then I got pneumonia in the midst of it,  which sucked more than my new battery operated Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum, TBH.  I took 3 rounds of antibiotics before that shit went away.  I had about one good week off of antibiotics and planned Merlot's 11th birthday party when my 75 year old father, developed some health issues that are on-going.  He is BACK in the hospital.  

***Note to Self:

When you are 65 y.o and your doc tells you that your gallbladder is 'iffy' and you should have it out, do it.  Because when you are 75 yo and eat 2 




that sucker is going to call it quits.  Then you will have complications and spend 3 weeks in the hospital with sepsis and liver failure.  

It has been a trial and I have been so worried that the knot in my back needs it's own postal code.  I spend time every day rolling on a tennis ball but at this point I need a bigger ball.

This is me with less arm hair and more flubber.




The kids are good.  All 6 of them.  Al's youngest will be here this weekend.  Mine are doing the 'divorced kid shuffle' weekly, with me continuing to do carpool pickup and thus seeing them for a few hours daily.  Every other Friday is still Rat Bastard Day




On that day,  I hate that I am divorced and that I don't spend 100% of my time with my kids.  It just doesn't seem to get any easier.  I hate it just as much as I ever did.

Stanley and I have had a few words but we are okay.  Now, admittedly, it is the 10th of the month and I haven't received his check yet that was due on the 1st, but that is how he conducts his bidness, no surprises there.  I asked him to do direct deposit and gave him a deposit slip check thing to do it 8 months ago, and he  still hasn't gotten around to it.  Again, this is normal Stanley bidness.


 monkey working.jpg


He continues to be 100% invested to his beer hobby and will miss Merlot's performance at school on Thursday night to  drink a bunch of beer   go to a beer judging.  Whatever.  I don't like him and the best part is I'm not married to him anymore.


Which brings me to my new husband.  Whoop Whoop!



Our 8 month anniversary is tomorrow. Time flies.

We are in a routine here.  He works from home, I work in and out of the home, and it's all good. We are adjusting well I think!    Sure, there are some moments...  we both have them, no doubt.

One of our biggest issues is that he is intense and I am used to being largely ignored.

On the attention scale of 1 - 10, Stanley paid me about a 1 of attention.  He never asked me what I was doing or where I went or about my day.  Therefore, I had a lot of free time to bum around incognito.  My head space was my own.  He rarely even noticed if I got a hair cut much less if the polish on my toes indicated I had stopped for a pedicure.  

Whereas, Al hovers at about a 9.5.  Which can be hard to get used to.  He wants to know where I am and what I'm doing and how's it going, and how I feel about it, and if I'm okay, and sometimes, he just frankly STARES at me.  To which I say, "Dude, you gotta stop staring at me.  You are making me uncomfortable."


stop staring at me.jpg 


 Now, on the flip side, he has learned a thing or two about me too, and has had to adjust to my inability to get out of bed in the mornings.  I am really not fit for company until about 10 a.m.   I am a night owl and he is a morning person.  He snoozes hours beside me at night while I read in bed and then he gets up hours before I do.  I have seem him dance while putting on his pants at first light.  I had to tell him to stop.  Like this,



morning person.gif 


I could talk about adjusting to being remarried for ages, so I will save more of that until next time.

I swear, I will be back.





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