Speaking of Stupid People And Other Life Things
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August 04, 2014

It has been one of those weeks where I am irritated.   The kids went back to school this morning.  Yes, it is August 4th.  The summer here in the South is getting shorter and shorter.  They didn't get out until Memorial Day, they had 8 weeks.  They weren't ready and neither was I.  We were enjoying sleeping in past 6 a.m., watching Malcolm in the Middle on Netflix, and staying up late.  The party is over.   Breakfast was not fun.


 crying eating.gif


Speaking of the kids, their father, Stanley, is still stupid.  Nothing new there.  His beer shit is everywhere.  It seems to be all he thinks about.  He told me last week that he had decided if I wanted to buy him out that $10,000 seemed a reasonable number.  Well, yes it does.  If only I had $10,000.  I borrowed against my 401K to pay him my part of the marital debt after the divorce and I am still repaying that loan.  I have another year left on the loan, but I guess I could borrow another 10K from my 401K at that time if he would wait a year.  That is obviously still up in the air.




Speaking of stupid people, the other thorn in my side is Al's ex.  I want to reiterate that I feel badly talking about any fellow divorced woman negatively.  But she is a train wreck.  He called me last week irate after receiving a voice mail from her telling him to handle some things 'by noon on Friday.'  He called her back and said, "Who do you think you are?" and she hung up on him.  By 7 pm his remaining 2 kids at home were on his doorstep with, "Mom has gone off the reservation again."  She had been away from the kids for almost a week at the beach with a friend.  She should have been relaxed and happy to see them.   Both kids are working F/T, how much could she have to be mad at them about?  Al also realized that she had been snooping in his business again.  They have been divorced almost 4 years.  Who does that?  Someone with no boundaries and a mental illness, that's who. 




I am concerned that if he does move here and we live together that she will continue with this behavior.  I won't have it.   I'm afraid I am going to be the one that has to bring that hammer down and show her where the line is.  Let me introduce you to my little friend.


Speaking of Al, I have a bad case of the fade.  Plus he needs to do something.  I need something to happen.  No, I don't want the tortoise to stop and find a local girlfriend, but this is pushing the limits of my ADHD brain.  I'm flying up on 8/13 to go to a medical appointment with him.  We may need another Margarita Peace Summit.  I'm sure he is at wits end with me.  Women!




Speaking of women, last week, I had some texts with a friend who is having some marital discord. She was not happy.  She sent me a text regarding men:

Selfish Fucktards!  Enjoy the nursing home Bitches!

Women can have a mean streak.

 Speaking of mean streaks, that leads us back to me.  I'm pretty sure Al thinks I have a mean streak.  We have been texting while I have been blogging and it hasn't been pretty.  Last night I told him that I was having a hard time not giving up.  He has told me in the last few minutes that those words upset him.  I told him when we first started this, the first conversation about 'us', that I was not a good candidate for a long distance relationship.  I knew my limitations then and gave him fair warning.  He should just dump me.   I can't move and I can't do this much longer.  Actually, I have decided that when you give someone fair warning early, then you are absolved of any sort of bad behavior later.  I have a feeling this will be a long day.






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