A Letter to My Children

I am torn. The following is a letter I would like to share with Grant and Kristy. I’m just not sure when. I would really like some opinions on this.

High Level Brainwashers: It Wasn

I had an "AHA!" moment tonight when I found a website detailing what I have lived through for the past 5 years and no one would listen. 

Hostile Aggressive Parenting: How I Deal With It

"A parent suffering from HAP will do their best to interfere with the relationship of a child with another person, usually the other parent or guardian..."

Guess What Mom?!?!

I am very happy Grant and Kristy get to experience a fabulous vacation. I SO wish it could just end there. Buuuuuut it won’t.

"Why Are You STILL Allowing Him to Have That Much Power Over You?"

I will never forget those words. No, they didn’t come from a therapist, they came from my attorney.

Parent Coordination: Help or Hell?

Parent Coordination is usually assigned as a last ditch effort to force co-parenting in a high conflict divorce when the parents end up in court… a lot. Our parent coordinator was assigned at our divorce hearing. Yep. The divorce was THAT bad.

Blame and Healing

Now I know I must take responsibility for my choices. I cannot change his choices or behavior. All I can change is how I react. It was a long road to get here.

Looking For A "Disney" Ending

Sometimes my life seems like a story, except the middle part where everything goes wrong never ends. The happy ending never comes.

Becoming Me Again!

When you are married to a manipulative controller, you slowly start losing yourself.