The Perils of Divorced Pauline
I survived a bad divorce. Then I survived a REALLY bad custody battle

I've never felt so at home in the world as I did last weekend, when I shrugged off the urge to loofah, and asked people to help me raise $5000.

I need to raise $5000 for a legal retainer to go into court next week to get an emergency order to keep my ex from sending my son away. 

Luca was informed that “this is a new world order” not up for negotiation, and a refusal to comply means he needs “help.” 

I couldn't bear the stark reality that I was essentially killing Franny's cat because I couldn't afford to keep her alive.

I will not fully exhale until I have the signed stip in my hand, but things are looking up. Franny will be starting her first-choice, all-girls school in the fall.

I've spent the last two weeks since I fell for my ex's latest stunt deconstructing his hat tricks. And I think I've figured out his techniques.

My life is way too off the grid for me to be courted by real-life Desperate Housewives.